Our Services

We are one of the UK's leading passive fire protection sub-contractors within the industry

Board systems

Within the services we offer are a full range of board systems giving up to four hours fire rating to structural steelwork. Whatever your requirements of the project we can provide all levels of finish from cost-effective mineral fibre boards, for areas requiring no particular finish, to casing systems and boards in areas requiring a higher-grade appearance.

Fire collars

Fire collar installation is an important part of any build. Where a building element is penetrated by a service, fire collars are installed around pipes and other penetrations so that it does not compromise the fire resistance level (FRL) of the building element (wall or floor) the pipes pass through. J.hare diamond drilling/ passive fire protection offer a range of fire collars to accommodate various size services to fit your needs.

Soffit insulation

Where fire resistance is required in concrete car park soffits and similar areas, we can offer Soffit Slab, a rigid board with fire resistance and thermal insulation properties.  This solution will give compliance with Building Regulation regarding the fire resistance of the exposed floor.  Depending on the purpose of the building and its height above ground, this should be between 30 minutes and 2 hours.  Soffit Slab is a non-combustible rigid board available with a variety of facings, providing a cost-effective answer to meet the demands of current building legislation.  The application of this solution includes both thermal, acoustic and fire protection properties.

Fire stopping

Our teams of installers undertake fire stopping to all service penetrations and/or voids in fire compartment walls or floors to ensure compliance with the specified fire strategy and Part B. We install various systems comprising ablative coated mineral fibre batt, gypsum based fire mortars and intumescent mastic sealants. As these systems and materials offer protection against fire and smoke they can also be used to seal around services to make an airtight or acoustic seal. All penetration sealing is recorded with an individual unique seal number, which is labelled, and digital photograph of the seal taken which is then forwarded onto client on completion of project.

Intumescent paint

Intumescent paints are either water or solvent based, and can provide up to 2 hours of fire protection. They can be applied by either a spray methodology or by a roller or brush. In addition to the intumescent coating there are a wide range of topcoat colours available to ensure all aesthetic needs and fire protection requirements can be achieved. During a fire intumescent paints change their format from being a paint, that was applied to the steelwork, into an intumescent layer of carbonaceous char, which forms when the coating is subjected to heat.

Fire and acoustic barriers

There are various types of fire barriers that provide numerous levels of fire integrity and insulation depending on project requirements and specifications. Fire barriers are generally installed within ceiling voids, roof voids or under flooring to provide compartmentation of structures and prevent the movement of smoke or flames. J.hare diamond drilling/ passive Fire Protection is fully qualified to assist your cavity fire barrier requirements.